Make My Week # 48 – A new summer dress

I needed to work out my ‘Make My Week’ number. I knew I had done one every week but some weeks I forgot to tag them and it turns out I’d done a week 43 post 3 times! If you want to see other things I have made for this challenge this year click on the ‘Make My Week’ tag on the right side of my blog.

Yesterday morning before church I finished off this little number using a New Look pattern I bought at the start of the year. Last year I had a bit of a green obsession going on – which meant I bought lots of green fabric for making clothes and didn’t make any. This was some cheap stuff I bought then.

The lace on the bottom is an extra addition. I bought this lace on a big roll when I was in Turkey in 2006. For the last 4 days I’ve worn dresses – oh.such.a.good.feeling!

Could be a good Christmas Day dress don’t you think?

ps – this year my colour obsession for clothing is canary yellow – I’m buying the fabric and waiting for the inspiration to strike!

Have you given me your opinion on what I should wear?? (see yesterday’s post)


3 responses

  1. I’m getting into yellow too! That dress looks fab. I cant beleive you’ve made something like this every week-astounding andf admirable x

  2. covetting your legs my dear friend!! I’m loving yellow at the mo too and yup had a green obsession… even have a lime green pram…yes i got a bit carried away 😉 but i do still like it!

  3. Oh yes, yellow is my colour of the moment too 🙂
    Love the style of this dress.

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