The Black Tie Choice/s

I loved getting all your feedback about my dress/outfit choices. The thing I realised was I did need a more formal top option to make a couple of my choices ‘better’. So I made a new one with some pieces from my stash.

Now I have narrowed it down to 3 options. The black dress – which is backless BTW (and my back looks much slimmer in real life – or maybe it’s just my imagining).

Here’s a detail of the fabric too.

The wedding skirt with the new top.

The orange skirt with the new top.

At the moment I think I’m heading towards the black top wedding dress combo it feels suitably formal but also me-ish.

Any ideas for makeup and jewellery??

Care to share your opinion again? I’ve give you more details about the new top and close-ups on Thursday when I join in with our creative spaces.

And this is my 500th post! Can you believe it? I might have to do something nice about that when I have more time – like next week! 🙂


15 responses

  1. Eek…how did I miss commenting on the first post? Firstly congrats on reaching 500 – funny that we both did it in the same week….snap! I personally like the black top with wedding dress combo and having looked back on the previous pics that top is way more stylish to go with the skirt …and I can’t believe you just rustled it up out of what you had (well actually cos it’s you I can!!)

  2. My first choice is still the black dress but do prefer the wedding skirt to the orange with your new top.

  3. That black dress – can I ask…is that a Vogue/ Ralph Lauren pattern? Many many moons ago (before fashion school) I worked at a chartered accountants and made a gown just like that in grey stretch satin which I beaded over the top part – if that’s the winner I think the best thing in statement earrings (long droppers – I have some silver ones which practically sit on your neck you can borrow) and simple updo – anything else takes away from the classic lines. I had pin-waves and a chignon for that. Do you have a sparkly tennis bracelet? That would be good too.

    I do like the frothy wedding skirt though, and seriously where else can you wear something so fabulously romantic and dressy – if that’s your choice, then I think look to historical portraits for your inspiration – a chunky necklace that sits between the throat and the neckline and a chunky ring.

    That’s my two cents!

  4. As usual I’m reading about 500 posts in one sitting. Reading back from newest to oldest. So this means, so far I have no idea what this is for and what the front of the black dress looks like. I guess I’ll find out soon. All’s I’ve gotta say so far is the black dress is very HOT, so that get’s my vote. Agree with Nin about styling.

  5. Loving the wedding skirt and that top is WAY better – go with that! Looks beautiful and princessy. I think a chunky but classy bracelet and similar ear rings would look amazing…with no necklace of course…

  6. oo the back of the black dress is sexy! I really love the orange skirt because it’s so bright and stands out and looks so amazing on you. you are going to look great and classy with any of these outfits.

  7. I agree with you mum! I still like the black dress best but I do like the new top with the skirt. If you go with the black top I agree with Nin about the chunky (gold?) necklace. You are the make-up expert in my opinion, am sure you will look beautiful!

  8. i love the new top with your wedding skirt 🙂

  9. My choices:
    1. Black. Just think it’s elegant, head-turning and appropriate and as Abi said: HOT
    2. Wedding skirt with new top. Nice. This is more ‘fun’ than the black dress but I think the black dress is much more elegant.

  10. And as for makeup and jewelery:
    Makeup: Smoky eyes and creamy subtle lips
    Jewels: Check my jewelery boxes at Mum’s if you have time (1x white, 2x clear plastic drawers). There’s a lot of my gig jewelery in there. You’ll find something that works!
    Hair: Up.

  11. All lovely, but that wedding dress skirt/top combo is to die for. I agree with nin re styling, I’m thinking black velvet choker, a black clutch bag, little understated diamond earrings and your hair down and flowing like your skirt with perhaps a flower behind your ear!

  12. the new top & wedding skirt or the black dress – both are stunning!! 🙂

  13. what they said!
    wedding skirt with the new top – much better top option and omg it is stunning combo

  14. WOW
    that orange skirt is amazing!!!
    I right away like that combo first
    I also am a fan of the new top with the wedding skirt
    I think hair should be off your face but loose down your back with big curls

    how fun!

    Love and Light

    ps my birthday is Dec. 1 too ; )

  15. Love the wedding skirt and top!!!

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