The ‘Go To’ Top

On Monday when I asked for feedback on my black tie choices I realised I needed a formal top in my wardrobe.

A go-to top for formal occasions that I could wear with a number of things.

I made this top from an offcut my sister gave me, some black satin for back panels and lining (in my stash) and the same pattern that was used for my wedding dress.

As every seam is boned and it has a concealed zip down the back seam I did have to buy a zip and 3 of boning.

Still for a total cost of $10 I’m pretty pleased.

And finally – yes I decided to wear this and embrace my inner ‘fairytale princess’ over my ‘sophisticated, hot mama’ option.

Thanks for all the feedback. Hopefully there will be more black tie events in my future and I’ll get to wear the black backless number for one of those! Once I went to it I was very glad I made that choice. (more about that another time) and for those interested a backwards mirror shot of the makeup.

Other creative show and tell here.


17 responses

  1. Yeah you picked my option ::)) you both look very ‘black tie’ and you look gorgeous

  2. NICE! Very interested to hear about the event and what other people were wearing. Guessing it was a typical range of ‘interpretations’ of black tie??!!

  3. You look so pretty, a real fairy-tale princess indeed.

  4. Gorgeous!!!!

    Love and Light

  5. stunning, great choice and your make up is fantastic!

  6. You look so beautiful, great makeup! xo

  7. You look So pretty! I love the outfit you chose, Who dosn’t want to be a fairy princess?

  8. ahhh STUNNING!! you both look great! I hope you enjoyed being a princess for an evening too, you certainly look the part, gorgeous!!

  9. So impressed that you can make a top like that at a minutes notice! You make a stunning couple all done up in your glad rags.

  10. VERY sexy muma!!!!!

  11. Your whole outfit looks gorgeous! And to be able to make something like that is amazing. Wow, I’m impressed. I’ve never been to a formal ball and am dying to get the chance sometime to wear a fabulous dress and go to a ball. Maybe some day! 🙂

  12. great choice – you look gorgeous!!!!

  13. What a fantastic combo – you look great!

  14. Miriam you ARE a HOT MAMA! Look at you!! Bet you felt a million bucks – even tho the top was only made for 10! 😉

    Love it! x

  15. You scrub up quiet well don’t you 😉 Love the makeup too – great job on the eyes!

  16. OK I’d just like to take some credit for that top. The off cut may have come from Nom, but the original purchase was from Korea from your’s truly.

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