Warming My Heart

This week I am grateful for special visitors.

End of year concerts.

And watching them with all the other parents and having that shared feeling of delight in your little person.

A chrysalis.

A night away with The Atlas and for Ma ‘n’ Pop who generously facilitated our night away and our going to the black tie do the other night.

The pleasure I get from sewing.

A family trip to Willowbank that our neighbour gave us (for no reason – I love our neighbours!).

Putting up the Christmas tree (a gift from my boys for my birthday).

a new vacuum cleaner that actually sucks rather than sux.

and just quietly I think we might have said goodbye to night nappies! Whoop!

More grateful people here.


11 responses

  1. green with envy over the night nappies!! 😉 Amazing how your Dad still looks exactly the same, what is his anti aging secret??? And random comment but i notice the chair Number 1 (sorry i cant remember if he is Flip or Bounce) is sitting on looks just like the ones we had in church as kids…

  2. So many things to be grateful for xxx

  3. Wow, bye bye night nappies….I am in awe! Must admit I felt like a changed woman when we got our new vacuum cleaner that actually sucked!

  4. Lots of things to celebrate.

  5. Lovely things to be grateful for. And cheers to that vacuum cleaner!

  6. Lovely! Such a special time of year

  7. Sweet. Enjoy. I’m glad you have a good vacuum now. I was always trying to convince Naomi to get a decent one! (or was it the other way around?) 🙂

  8. Great list – and our vacuum sux!! 😉

  9. Fab photos, your heart must have burst at the school concert – bless!!! I’m hoping there are photos of the formal evening outfit – just off to check 🙂

  10. Yay for no night nappies. That is awesome. And go the vaccum too… I’m all about that.

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