Hello Friday

Wow! Last day of school and kindy for the year.

What happened there??

This week has been a little manic ( I think my mum considered popping around with some Valium when she phoned in the middle of the day and I was in a technology and ‘too many tasks’ meltdown!).

But look….

My boy is in a bike race at school – the youngest by a long shot.

My Bounce bought home lots of art from kindy – whoop! I never got art from Flip. This is him being doted on by some of the girls in Flip’s class. They were all over him!

My friend and I made 200+ chocolate truffles (thanks PJ for an awesome recipe) a double batch of lolly cake

nearly 10L of lemon cordial concentrate

and 20 bags of reindeer noses

inspired by this pin.

The sun has shone, the rain has rained and I went out for a movie.

So today I’m grateful school holidays have begun. Grateful for family coming for Christmas. Grateful for the biggest difficulties in life being fitting in all my ‘jobs’ which actually wouldn’t matter at all if they didn’t get done.

Grateful for a family bike ride on a cool summer evening and finding a new op-shop as well!

Grateful for my new necklace from Meghan and Sally – love it! (We are having computer dramas so no photo)

Grateful – yep, very grateful here. Now I must away the Christmas newsletter will not write itself! Which is probably why I’ve been rubbish at commenting on blogs this week too – but you still love me don’t you?

Other grateful people here.


7 responses

  1. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. I’ve really enjoyed your blog this year. Would you mind sharing your recipe for lemon cordial concentrate please as my daughter wants me to make lemon cordial for her January wedding.

    1. Have emailed you a copy Kay. Thanks and have a wonderful Christmas too!

  2. Wonderful pictures. For the record I would not bring valium!! x

  3. Lovely photos. Are all the goods (baked or otherwise) for your friends as Christmas gifts?

  4. Busy but fun times… Mmm that lemon cordial is so tasty. A

  5. Oh wow – you have been super busy!! About to make some of those truffles too for the busy week ahead. LOVE the reindeer noses!!

  6. […] 13. Make Reindeer noses for friends (these are the ones we did last year https://makeitgiveit.wordpress.com/2011/12/15/hello-friday/ ) […]

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