In My Spare Time….

Actually yesterday was one of those days when I felt like I had NO time….. and 700 things to do before Friday…..

anyway I digress

Sometimes,  in my spare time when I am not thinking about how I need to do X,Y and Z, I think what fun it would be to be a food critic. Of course this would not be a good choice of job in reality because there are far too many things I won’t eat, try or don’t like.

However, watching shows like masterchef makes me think about the way I eat and taste food. Watching the judges savour mouthfuls and move them around in their mouths extracting every taste motivates me to try to appreciate everything I eat. Then I sit at dinner focussed on who wants what, who’s eating what and who needs a drink and I forget what I am even eating myself.

The Atlas would love a job as a food critic, most of his happiest travel memories revolve around food and he remembers the names and locations of obscure restaurants we ate in, in all sorts of places.

So when Baker’s Delight gave me a Christmas cake as a thanks for the reviews I’d done for them this year we tried to do the food critic thing.

‘Good weight, I think that is a good sign in a fruit cake. Smells lovely coming out of the packet. No fake red and green cherries (hooray they are on my won’t eat list).’

She tastes the cake thoughtfully. Slowly savouring the mouthful.

‘Mmmm rich without being sickly. Fruity but still maintaining a cake like consistency. Moist but not wet. Flavorsome but not soaked in so much alcohol you’d be afraid of a breath test on the way home.’

Yes so that’s my take. I think The Atlas mumbled something while his mouth was still full it sounded like ‘pass me some more please.’

Not sure he’s ready for a career change yet but he does have lovely manners.

I did enjoy this fruit cake and as I can’t/won’t make my own I feel very lucky to have it.



One response

  1. An excellent review! Can I have some? Oh wait…… It will be flat and stale by the time it gets here!

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