Make My Week #50 – A Christmas Wreath

Possibly the simplest thing I have done all year!

This is just a polystyrene ring which I covered in strips of fabric from my stash. The little ribbons are pinned on with normal sewing pins with pearl-type heads.

Very simple and all stuff that was in my stash. I love it, actually. Because ‘actually’ is a certain 3 year olds favourite word at the moment!

Has all your Christmas making finished or are you on a mad dash to the finish line?


9 responses

  1. Someone has been reading the Christmas edition of Family Circle. I was at a friends house on Saturday and she had made 2, very effective, I took pictures because I wanted to remember them to remind me to make some, then yesterday I brought the Family Circle magazine…and there they were. We are all going to have gorgeous looking front doors etc by the end of the week

  2. Looks great Miriam, I love the fabric that you chose for it!

  3. ‘Actually’ we are pretty much done 🙂 I love when kids use new words, especially when they get it in the right context.

    Love your wreath Miriam, I kind of have a thing for them at the moment, a bit like my bunting phase and want to make a few more.


  4. Love this simple idea… so effective… and I bet a quick crafting fix!
    In a made dash here to finish pressies before the deadline…. and I just realised I have replying to your comments on my blog and you hadn’t got any because it was going to noreplycomment blogger…. woops! Thanks for all your lovely comments… and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year x

  5. Love it!… and “actually” is my 3 year old boys latest word too! How funny to see that comment from you! “Well Mum, I actually didn’t know anything about it” lol Have a great Christmas 🙂

  6. ahh that’s great Miriam!
    Love it, so pretty.

    All my making… weeeeell, we have an Ikea gingerbread house kit that has yet to be constructed… and a pile of prezzies yet to be wrapped…
    but apart from that I think the “making” is mostly done… unless I feel a cratfy urge coming on?

  7. CRAFTY.
    That was meant to be a “CRAFTY” urge

  8. What a gorgeous Christmas wreath!

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