When Christmas All Gets Too Much….

Have a little nap

5 more sleeps to go….


7 responses

  1. ah!! adorable!!!!!

  2. Gorgeous! I am so excited about Christmas!! xo

  3. lol
    love it
    love and light

  4. Gorgeous!

  5. Another Santa Hat lover…we have one of those in our house too, cept I was too mean to let him wear his to bed 🙂

    Re the tamper it’s just one that came with our coffee machine, but you can use anything with a flat bottom…I did use the bottom of a Berocca container for the 2nd jar as the jar was narrower and deeper and I couldn’t fit my hand and the tamper in right to the bottom!!!

  6. Awwww, bless!!! My two both off having a sleep now – phew!!!
    Soo busy…and I love the fact that Oliver still hsa the odd sleep even tho he is now 5!!!

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