Super Simple Christmas Cards

Given the simplicity of these you might think I would have made more, alas no cards in the post this year.

To make them draw around a jam jar lid, cut out, stick on, draw in top and cord.

I know – you didn’t really need an explanation did you!!! But I think they are quite effective and probably as close as I get to proper homemade cards.

10 responses

  1. But WOWSERS they re so pretty and effective xxx

  2. so cool!!! i just had to pin it 🙂

  3. 🙂 they look like proper homemade cards to me!! Well done!!

  4. They look great Miriam, well done!

  5. They’re lovely!

  6. Very cute! we made our own Christmas cards, but we haven’t received any home-made ones!

  7. They are lovely and very effective looking 🙂

  8. me like. me just run out of bought ones so I’m gonna make a few of those for emergency forgotten card situations over the next few days x

  9. Beautiful, you are very clever! Merry Christmas

  10. OK, if I start this project NOW….. I have a good chance of finishing *before* Christmas 2012…. Go me!
    These would be perfect for my daughters to make and sell at the Christmas Faire (Marché de Noël) next November. Thank you for the great idea!

    Kind regards, Kitty

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