For all those in Christchurch experiencing more shaking and rocking sending you love and peace.

for those away from Christchurch and worried we are accounted for here. Flip is quite unnerved and upset but we are all okay with power and water at this stage.

One little angel has taken a tumble from which she will not recover. Another lost an arm but she’s back up on the shelf you don’t have to be perfectly intact to be a messenger of Hope.

Miriam x


13 responses

  1. all of our love
    big hugs to your darling children
    i’m sitting here in disbelief that this can keep on happening to you all
    take care xxxxxxx much love

  2. Big hugs x
    We’re ok here. Riley is terrified. He promptly fell asleep after the 5.8 just to be jolted awake by the 6! I’ve never seen him move so fast. Glad to hear that you are all alright.

  3. So glad you are all OK. Sending you peace xxxxx

  4. Lovely message. Poor little angel! Prayers for the 2 wee men in your house. xx

  5. you are amazing! So glad you’re all safe x x x

  6. glad you’re safe F family x
    we’re all safe too, very upset littlest one here too and got the chance to experience my first big quake at work arrrgh NOT fun!!
    have a lovely Christmas xoxo

  7. Take care Moo and give the boys a big hug from us! If an early Christmas present would be good distraction they can open ours…

  8. I was unnerved when I heard…my dad has been working in ChCh building and only returned home to Wgtn Tuesday for Xmas.
    Keeping you in my prayers.

  9. So glad you are all ok. Keep your spirits up, we are all thinking of you back in the UK. Take care and have a peaceful Xmas. xxx

  10. I heard that there was another earthquake and a big aftershock in Christchurch today. Glad no one was killed. My thoughts are with all of you over there.

  11. Was thinking of you and your lovely family yesterday. I pray you all have a safe and blessed Christmas xx

  12. thinking of you and your family Miriam and hope tomorrow is still a special day x

  13. How are things now in Christchurch? I hope you all have a great Christmas, with no more shaking, 🙂 and a happy New Year.

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