Breakfast Please

I adore breakfast.

I love going out for breakfast.

And I always order the same thing


Surprise you? I think good muesli with yoghurt and maybe fresh or stewed fruit is SO irresistible. In fact if I lived alone I might actually eat muesli for most of my meals, seriously I really, really might (until I got scurvy or rickets or whatever else you get from lack of vegetables!)

We don’t buy a lot of muesli and whenever we visit Ma’n’Pop’s house Flip asks if he can have ‘raw muesli’ for breakfast (and often snacks), which means straight muesli without extra weetbix or similar to bulk it out.

As muesli lovers we were pretty stoked when we were sent not 1 but 3!!! boxes to try from the new Be Natural range.

Pink Lady, Flame Raisin, Fruit Flakes & Clusters:

The thing I loved about this muesli was the fact that the dried apple gets all soft and juicy when you add milk to the cereal. I hate the crunchy taste of freeze-dried berries and was a little worried this would be the same. As a dried fruit lover I appreciated the inclusion of the raisins as well. Also my beloved Atlas is allergic to apricots and it can be very tricky to find a fruity cereal without the apricot element. There are some yummy clusters in the cereal as well. On the whole it maintains a ‘light’ muesli feel and the grains and flakes are bran-style. Gorgeous cereal and the guests we had loved it too.

5 Whole Grain Flakes:

This is an excellent alternative to a cornflake or branflake option. The flakes are similar in taste and sweet enough to not require extra sweetening. My boys were very happy to scoff these down at a rapid rate and it makes a nice change to give them a cereal that is not entirely wheat based.

Cashew, Almond, Hazelnut & Coconut Cereal:

What’s not to love about a nutty cereal? I’m surprised I even managed to get a bowl of this to try with 2 extra adults in the house and being an enjoyer of sleeping in this one disappeared out of the pantry very quickly. The Atlas loves cashew nuts and it feels very treat-y to have a cereal where the nut element isn’t just peanuts. Again the texture is flakes of bran and yummy clusters as well.

and as a little extra we also got 2 boxes of their ‘bars’ (which is what muesli bars are called in our house). Flip asked for one for dessert the day we got them – such was his excitement and enjoyment of the one I had given him during the day. These are good bars. The Atlas liked the fact that they weren’t too sugary. I liked the fact the texture was manageable for small people. Good fruit content. Yes we’ll be happy to eat these, thank you.

Hello Be Natural, we were very happy to be sent your yummy goods to try, and they have the Mama, Atlas, Flip, Bounce, Aunty K and Grandad seal of ‘YUM’! Thanks. Here’s to breakfast out – in!

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