Make My Week # 52 – A Christmas Dress

This is what I made to wear for Christmas Day.

Because I quite like polka dots and I thought it would be a little bit funny to match my red and white table setting.

It’s a New Look pattern I’ve used before but it’s the first time I’ve done the 2 layers. The photo is a bit blurry sorry The Atlas quickly took it just before we ate lunch!

8 responses

  1. And I know you looked lovely. x

  2. Are the polka dots on a sheer layer? That dress is wonderful! Everything about it, the ribbon belt, the swishyness of the skirt (you did twirl in it didn’t you?!) the bodice, but especially the polka dots on a sheer layer. LOVE it, you look great in it x

  3. Pretty! I love polka dots!

  4. Very cute! I’m sure you stood out even if you did match the table setting… 😉

  5. Gorgeous !! !!
    Absolutely stunningly gorgeous

  6. oh so cute! i love polka dots too x x

  7. Just beautiful & so Christmassy. You could’ve worn the red & white pompom bunting I made on Christmas Eve as a scarf to match 🙂

  8. love it!!

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