Farewell 2011

On the last day of this year…

and what a year it has been

I will take a breath and be grateful for the beautiful moments, and there have been many

I will close the chapter on this year – triumphs and disasters, victories and regrets, marvellous and mundane

I will look forward to a new page tomorrow and I will take heart that I am not writing this book but I am participating in its unfolding drama.

I can trust the author and finisher implicitly even when I do not understand it twists and turns. When the way ahead seems unclear I can be secure I have not been abandoned and nor will I ever.

Good bye 2011 I open my arms to the adventures of 2012.

(Photos of the portrait of the boys hanging on the ‘family’ wall and a new display of needlework.)


7 responses

  1. May you be blessed beyond belief in 2o12. May it be a year full of wonders and learning for the boys and peace and joy for you 2 big people. You have run the ‘difficult’ race well this year and I am so proud of you all. xx

  2. blessings to you in 2012

    Love and Light

  3. With much love for 2012 xxx Thank you for your hospitality in 2011 xxx You showed/taught me that the internet can be awesome ::))
    LOVE the needlework wall ::))
    Have you done a blog post of the house post renovations? Did I miss it?

  4. Beautiful post! ‘He is cool’, that made me do a big smile, Happy New Years! xoxox

  5. Lots of love and best wishes for a wonderful 2012 for you and your family Miriam xx

  6. Have a great year. I hope it is free of shakes too!

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