Welcome 2012

Happy New Year my lovelies. May 2012 bring you laughter and hope and may your visits to this blog leave you feeling encouraged, inspired and possibly even entertained. xxxx

So a new year and time to set new challenges.

SO…. 2012…..

I want my ‘major‘ project for the year to be focused time with my boys.

My boys get a lot of quantity time with me but sometimes it is lacking on quality.

I have some cute books I inherited from Grandma and a whole heap of others I’ve collected over time, so I am going try to record at least 1 activity each week from them and report to you so you can maybe try them too.

I’m going to call this ‘Becoming the Mama I Want to Be’ –  ‘B.M.W.B’ and I’ll blog about it on a Tuesday.

If you are a blogger or a mama feel free to join in and leave me a comment each week to let me know what little snatches of quality/focussed/special time you’ve created in the week.

As part of that I am also going to try once a week or once a fortnight to do some art with my boys and have bought them scrapbooks and we’ll record our successes and failures here too.

The second part of my creative journey I want to challenge myself with is actually using my, ahem, extensive crafty book collection to inspire/springboard from – if it’s in the shelves I should be being inspired by it. So hopefully you’ll see me crediting plenty of sources for my inspiration this year.

Having spent a couple of days re-sorting my fabric I am giving myself a challenge/rule: NO new fabric or purchases of sheets/doilies/fabric from op-shops  for the first 6 months of the year. I will allow myself to purchase notions such as thread, zips, elastic, batting IF required to complete a project. I may also buy clothes from the op-shop for repurposing and fabric for request projects – like recovering the outdoor chairs.

Putting it out there people – so you can keep me accountable!

I want to continue on with ‘Make My Week’ – 1 new creation every week.  Probably on a Thursday to join in with the cool people who do show and tell at our creative spaces.

I would like to illustrate (mixed media style) a children’s story I’ve written for my boys.

I’d also like to make at least one item of clothing each month.

Once a month to an unexpected/undeserved act-of-kindness to a person/s as well as having some kind of giveaway here each month.

oh, and drink lots of water, exercise, sleep lots, eat well….. you know that boring stuff! There are other personal things goals, my spiritual journey, books to read, people to encourage…..but they will just be smattered randomly through my ramblings and I’ll link in to various things I think are cool throughout the blog-o-sphere

achievable?? Stay tuned and find out!

What are you hoping to do/achieve/try in 2012?


12 responses

  1. Your going to be a busy lady Miriam, but if anyone can do it all, you can! I love the idea of posting on ‘being the mum I want to be’ and I shall defo join you in that. Happy New Year wonderful inspiring woman x

  2. Wishing you and your family all the very best for 2012. Hoping the earth stays put from now on. You really are an inspiration, all the things you have planned for next year and I am just hoping to keep the house tidy(ish) and decorate the bedroom!!! xxx

  3. Sounds like an enormous amount of challenges already before you add in life! Don’t forget time to just be. xx

  4. Love all your 2012 aims. Especially your B.M.W.B – I definitely want to be more focused in this area this year too 🙂

  5. Oh absolutely a good idea! I agree, with my youngest having only 6 months at home until he starts school I want those to be the most quality 6 months he’s gonna get. I’ll use you for my inspiration huh?
    Happy New Year Miriam!

  6. More time with my boys is the objective this year for me also! They are just growing up so fast!! Excited to see how you got not buying any fabric for 6 months!

  7. My resolution is to get my blog off the ground! It’s on it’s way so I’ll be around and throwing my comments in with BMWB and your other posts before you know it. Happy New Year!

  8. Oh – I SO love your Mum’s comment… it is such a ‘Mummy-thing’ to say (and something my Mum would also say) *grin*!!!!

    You have some amazing goals, and I will be following and watching closely… but that BMWB is something I really need to focus on also!

  9. souns like a busy and fufilling year! cant wait to journey through it 🙂

  10. Love (ok, jealous of) that crafty book collection! Amazing! I am also on an austerity diet with no new fabric. Can’t wait to see what you make!

  11. Hi Miriam, it does sound like it’ll be a very busy year for you. I am hoping to start up a new website too and aim to find regular writing projects so I can become a freelance writer (travel writer preferably) and get paid for doing something I have a passion for – writing about New Zealand. I hope Christchurch has finished with its horizontal dancing and gives everyone a little peace. May 2012 be a wonderful, bright and prosperous one for you and your family.

  12. My goals: a song a month, and be disciplined with writing in January. Aim to have two first drafts finished this month 😮 and make, or re-purpose *most* of my clothes this year (need that loophole!) Also, but not sure how realistic or attainable this is, not to stress about things that are out of my control. Very impressed with your fabric goal, I only have 5 pieces in my stash 😉

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