Wardrobe Wednesday

Hey peeps, Thought I’d join in with the delightful Nin  (our host for WW 2012) and other pretty ladies making an effort with our wardrobes.

As I see it – Life Is Worth Dressing Up For and that’s my own quote although I am aware someone else may also have said this at some point!

She wears (that’s me!):

Coat op shop bought about 9 years ago. Mint condition 60s I think, made in NZ. I adore this coat the shape, the collar, the colour.

Dress ‘Sabatini White’ label,tights and shoes all hand me down – thanks N.. Singlet poking out from JayJays a couple of years ago.

Bracelet L.K.Bennett London – Christmas gift. Enamel cross necklace bought for me by my grandma when I was very small. Sunnies $5 from a random cheapie shop.



8 responses

  1. Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your coat !! !! !! stunning

  2. Miss those boots! Glad they’re getting love. Great coat! Don’t think I’ve seen you wear it before…

  3. Why have I never seen this coat?

  4. ….sigh….you are so cool!

  5. Love red coats and yours is fab!! Looks great with boots. I’ve prob already said this but you are a hot mumma! xo

  6. You do inspire me to make that extra effort every day! Although I am not very good at seeing it through!

  7. I recognise those shoes!

  8. LOVE that coat Miriam!!

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