Raspberry Picking

I love spontaneous adventures on a day where nothing is planned

our friends rang and an hour later we were raspberry picking

and eating

and playing among the vines.

This week I’m grateful for friends who ring to see if you want to join in their plans

Friendship for big and little people




8 responses

  1. Sweet! The raspberries are late this year, must be the lack of sun, looks like you picked a good day for your picking x

  2. I love raspberry picking! pick and eat at the same time! πŸ™‚

  3. friendship for big and little people… LOVE that!!

  4. I spent a weekend picking raspberries when i was in my younger days. I ate my profits away. πŸ˜€

  5. These are the best kinds of days aren’t they?

  6. Where did you go raspberry picking? Looks like you had an awesome day!

  7. My kids love going raspberry and strawberry picking ……. I think them may love the big fruit crumble in the evening even more!!

  8. I love the top photo of your two boys, esp, Junior – very beautiful.

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