Juicy Juicy Goodness

I’d love you think of me as one of those healthy, exercising, book-reading, fresh air daily types….

But so many of you know me so that’s an illusion I was never going to manage!

However of late I have been enjoying a natural juice and book reading high thanks to just juice and the local library (I got the books out from there the Just Juice came in the post!)

I was asked to try 3 flavours – Strawberry and Kiwifruit, Sunkissed Orange and Farm Style Apple.

We tried the Strawberry and Kiwifruit on Christmas day – the overall impression was pleasant, although some of the samplers wanted a stronger strawberry and kiwifruit punch with the flavour. I loved the colour of this juice and it was fun to try a flavour combo I wouldn’t naturally pick.

I loved the orange juice – thick without being pulpy and really orangey – it didn’t last very long and I think the only people I shared it with were my boys, once!

Apple juice is probably one of my favourite juice flavours and I was pleased with the cloud, not too sweet flavours this one provided. All my boys liked this one too.

Thanks JustJuice and here’s to reading a book, glass in hand, under a tree, in summer (however unlikely it is to actually happen!)


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