Hidden Treasure

Don’t you love it when you discover one of those tucked away treasures??

My friend Tracey recently introduced me to The Barn on Giles.

It’s one of those beautiful places  – a bit retro, a bit shabby chic, a bit of a place for magpies to delight.

I bought a couple of wee treasures.

The owner Noeline, has big plans for her gorgeous place in 2012.

If you are in or around Christchurch I recommend you have a nosey.

Phone ahead first to check they are open.


6 responses

  1. Looks lovely
    Is that the dress pattern and plate you purchased?

  2. oh my goodness!! Looks well worth a fly down! I LOVE the beautiful carpets, LOVE the tea cups in the garden, LOVE your pattern and did you purchase that plate!?? Oh the cockles of my soul are warmed! What a lovely place to find, what a treat!!! x x

  3. Ooh I’ll have to put it on my things to do before we leave Christchurch list.

  4. LOVE these kinds of tucked away treasure spots…i want to live there!

    Love and Light

  5. Oh wow, LOVE! WISH there was something like that up here! Photo shoot prop heaven!

  6. Ooh I love the look of this delightful place…I dream of one day owning something similar.

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