Love Sounds Like Hammering Shelves

For Christmas The Atlas said he would build some shelves into my sewing room for all my fabric

(there is a lot of it)

And he followed through

and made me 4 shelves

which meant I needed to re-organise my fabric

and clear some out

But look how it is now

I love it

I expect it will help me to use more of my stash

and hopefully that will lend itself to more crafty inspiration in this little corner of blogland.



16 responses

  1. *smile*

    love and light

  2. that must have been so satisfying putting everything back on the shelves! looks great:)

  3. Now that’s what I need to do next… organise my fabric (not that I’ve got as much as you!)- I’ve started hinting for more space in our study. Had to smile that we’ve both been busy organising this week!

  4. nice job! and yay to not having to part with any of your stash!!!

  5. Clever man! Awesome job… enjoy!

  6. That’s awesome!

  7. Oh I so need to do this! A job for the beginning of a new year!

  8. a good man he is indeed, looks fabulously organised now!!!

  9. FABULOUS !! !!
    Do you get as much joy sitting and looking at your fabric as I do?
    NICE stash of vintage sheets there *swoon*

  10. very cool!!!! bless him

  11. What a man you have there, clever and follows through on a promise. What a great space that is. x

  12. Yay for good shelving! Good job hubby

  13. Oh yeah – they look fab!!!

  14. Oh I am Jealous! Yes, with a capital J. I so gotta get me some of these shelves!! I really like how they have a carpet top too. Very niiiice. My fabric stash looks a little bit like boxes and plastic bags in a giant pile… I am inspired. 🙂

  15. I love the little stacks of colour – they are so inviting. Good on your hus building you shelves and not giving you grief about the size of you’re stash ;o)

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