Secrets of a Beauty School Drop Out

With all the years I spent working in chemists and pharmacies while I studied you would think I be a convert to expensive product for my skin.

Alas, until November the only foundation I’d ever owned was for my wedding and it dried up in the bottle. I’ve spent my life using cheap body moisturizer from the supermarket on my face. Yes when I look like an old used cow hide I may regret this former lack-of-care for my skin.

I have begun to make a bit more of an effort now that I’ve noticed a few wrinkles, ahem, fine lines turning up. So when I was asked to do a mystery beauty product review who was I to turn it down?

The first product I was sent was Olay’s 7-signs gentle moisturizer with SPF 15. I was concerned mainly with one sign although I did notice some open pores too, after I read the packaging – or is that the placebo effect????

I like this moisturizer it isn’t fragranced but it smells like a proper moisturizer (yes I am a bit shallow like that) and it goes on thickly but not so much that you feel gluggy. It’s available at the supermarket which is a bonus and I’ll just have to move a few shelves up to choose it. I think it does make a difference to my face although I am sadly still showing my character lines. (and I’m NOT lining up to review Botox!!!!!)

My only let down with this product is the addition of SPF because my new foundation (a body shop one) also has SPF it puts me off using them both together or using it as a night cream. Other than that I think it’s great.

I was also asked to try Pantene Zero Weight Shampoo and Conditioner. Right off the bat I need to confess  I have an angry scalp (or manky if that’s a word you’re familiar with) so if my head doesn’t like a shampoo I will know about it.

My hair routine is pretty simple wash every second day (or I start to look like an oil slick that needs salvaging) and nothing else – no product, no hair dryer, no effort!

I’ve been using the Pantene for about 2 weeks now and I’m pleased with the result. My hair doesn’t feel weighed down and my scalp hasn’t been giving me grief. If you’ve been put off by Pantene in the past because of residue build up I’d say they’ve fixed the problem with this one.

As for me and my beauty care regime – I still don’t tone, I sometimes cleanse and I do go to sleep with my make-up on – but The Atlas still loves me!


2 responses

  1. ooo thank you for the heads up! Next time i need em, i’ll be giving them a go for sure… you should get paid to review products!!

  2. I think your skin is lovely for however old you are and despite your facial routine. Given how soft your lovely hands are, I don’t think you’ll ever become a used up cow hide. But that sentence did make me laugh outloud, so I think it was worth it!

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