Wardrobe Wedbesday and Make My Week # 3

Nin’s theme for January is ‘Putting the New in your Year’ and one of my goals for 2012 is to make a new garment of clothing each month.

This is my January clothing make. When I went through my sewing room I re-discovered this remnant I had purchased on a whim at Fabric Vision last year.

With an easy afternoon’s work I whipped up this wee dress from a top pattern. Because the fabric is sequined and therefore scratchy I bound the arms and back facing.

I was pleased with the results. The actual fabric is also totally transparent so you can alter the look by choosing to wear black or white (or another colour) slips underneath. This is it with black.

I got called both a fish and a snake by people who hugged me while I was wearing it!

Hopefully joining in with Our Creative Spaces and Wardrobe Wednesday


11 responses

  1. Seriously?? You whipped that up in an afternoon??

    Great style and so flattering. Love it.

  2. You looked very good in this number. Keep up the good work!

  3. Gorgeous – love the colours!

  4. I hope you splashed those cheeky people with water and bit them!! Gorgeous dress, cant believe you wipped it up in ‘easy’ afternoon!! x

  5. Wedbesday is my favourite day 🙂 You look rad!

  6. Gosh you’re clever!!

  7. Lovely dress – I love the fact you can change it subtly by wearing a different coloured slip. And you made it in an afternoon? Amazing!!

  8. It looks great! Love the colour.

  9. Woooo! You go girl! 🙂

  10. So impressed that you make sequins look good! The dress looks amazing, well done!

  11. You look amazing girl! Can’t believe that you whipped that up in an afternoon!

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