Little Wonders

5-year-old logic –

 ‘Stephen Fry is Winnie the Pooh’ (he reads the voice of Pooh on an audio book)

‘so, Winnie the Pooh is reading Paddington Bear’ (Stephen Fry reads the whole story of Paddington on CD – and does it brilliantly)

Don’t you love that? It makes so much sense. I do love that a 5-year-old makes these wonderful connections it’s a joy to watch these things unfold.


4 responses

  1. that is so sweet
    i love his logic….and so get it!

    Love and Light

  2. And it just goes to show that everybody loves Stephen Fry! So sweet. xx

  3. I thought of this post today when I overheard my girls logic came out as Sundays are supposed to be sunny days and Saturdays are when everybody sits…hmmmmm if only 😉

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