Let Silence Speak

While we were on holiday I read 8 books in 2 weeks (this is why I hardly read during the year once I start a book I don’t want to put it down until I’m finished!).

Over the next couple of weeks I want to talk about a few of them.

Listening Below the Noise A Meditation on the Practice of Silence by Anne D LeClaire

I’m naturally a chatterbox. I tend to be the whole conversation at times and I make the lofty promise ‘Never an uncomfortable silence when I am in the room!’ So reading a book like this always feels a bit scary to me. I mean I know I should be quiet more but I have such a lot of good things to share with the world. (arrogance anyone??)

But I loved this book. It felt like a therapy and sometimes it even stung a little – like when the author challenges that sometimes we fill up the day with noise because we are afraid of what we might have to deal with in the silence. And that we think others need our wonderful wisdom instead of just needing someone to listen (boy I find that hard!).

Anne herself has for the past 9 years kept every second Monday as a day of silence and it has transformed her life.

As part of slowing myself down this year and listening to the voice of heaven I want to carve out some times of silence for myself.

This book is incredibly easy to read, a little like a diary in some ways. If you feel life is clanging too loudly and rushing too fast I would so suggest you take the time to read this book. Especially if you feel you have no time to enjoy life as it races past you.


5 responses

  1. Sounds like a good book. I loved the line – I tend to be the whole conversation at times. Made me chuckle 🙂

  2. I love you just the way you are!!

  3. Love this
    I have invited more and more Silence into my life and it has been very very good
    You are brave to go there M
    good for you!
    I am going to keep this book in mind…I may have to read it!

    Love and Light

  4. Silence is golden 🙂

    Liking the sound of this book..will have to hunt it down.


  5. That looks like an interesting book. I’ve just discovered what even a few minutes silence can achieve – see my blog if you’re interested. (http://adulcia.blogspot.com/2012/01/silence-is-kept.html)

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