Happy Holidays

Okay so I may have done some sneaky posting so you didn’t realise we were away for 2 weeks.

After our little burglar fiasco in November I like to not advertise our absence from home.

We returned yesterday and for a large portion of the holiday we were without internet.

I did check our emails a couple of times on The Atlas iPhone – which incidentally drives me insane how do you people do all your emails on them???

I was very proud of my ability to withdraw from the screen in such a mature fashion – and we didn’t have a TV either (which might be why I read 8 books!)

Anyhow, wonderful, wonderful time.

We did a classic road trip taking in Moeraki, Oamaru, Dunedin, The Catlins (rained the whole time, thankfully we were in a cabin there because the tent leaked!), Omakau, Wanaka, Fox Glacier and Paroa (just out of Greymouth).

I’d need a week of posts to do it all justice but hopefully you get some sense of it from these edited photos.

There is so much to highly recommend as well

The beach at Moeraki – stunning in a very pre-historic kind of way

Dunedin – The chocolate factory, the op-shops, the amazing butterfly room and discovery centre at the museum (where I had my one sporting achievement over The Atlas ever – I managed to score a goal with my brain against his to move a ball!), the boys train trip, pools and hydro-slides.

The Catlins – Catherdral Caves

The Rail Trail – we just did 10.5km with a very scary bridge and 2 incredibly dark tunnels. SO cool. Love to do more of it when the boys are bigger.

And there is a very cool shop called The Barn in Ophir where I may have bought some beads.

Wanaka – the campsite on the lake.

Puzzling World – very awesome. Even in the cafe there are cool tables of puzzles for people to just go in a play – puzzle geeks heaven. Playing by the lake.

Fox Glacier – walking to the glacier, bush walking to find glo-worms.

Paroa – biking, the pools at Greymouth, chilling out.

Other highlights/ memorable moments may include finding we had a flat a battery at 7am when we were all packed and in the car ready to leave, sleeping all together in a tent made for 3-at a push, Bounce needing to stop at every moment (opportune and otherwise) for a toilet break.

Sorry for the photo overload consider this a postcard for the rellies! ๐Ÿ™‚

10 responses

  1. Wicked photos LOVE LOVE LOVE them – great family trip

  2. Nice to have you back! The posts didn’t feel the same to me when I knew you weren’t there – weird… why yes I am! Looks like it was a great holiday and glad to see you looked stylish while camping ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Totally understand not wanting to advertise being away; I did the same when we hit Nelson for a week; though I didn’t have preset posts, instead I was absent from the blog.
    Good to see you had a lovely holiday though; it is nice to get away for a bit.

  4. awesome photos!! looks and sounds like a fantastic family holiday!! Welcome Home!! x x x

  5. Wow
    looks like an amazing family time
    time away is so good for the soul!

    love and light

  6. Great photos – looks like a fun time.
    I’ve been working on the suffock puff quilt – must have made nearly 90 of the little buggers.
    only 100 or so to go. I have finished all the ones I cut out with you and brought three plain colours to make borders and squares. I’m not sure of the best way to sew them together in a way you can’t see the thread though. Might have to google it and see what other people have done.
    Go the suffock puff.
    Is ‘suffock’ spelt right?

  7. Hay! Sophie Slim referred me! I LOVE the South Island for it’s fun road trips, however still haven’t done the West Coast. Cool photos, you kids will remember that trip forever ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Looks amazing – one day we plan on traveling round the SI also… hubby has never been down there E.V.E.R; sad! I have been enough that I am hungry for more! So glad you had such a relaxing time (8 books – got to have been good for you *grin*)!

  9. Super fun! NZ is such an amazing place. Its so easy and cheap to get out and camp. Enjoy it people!

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