Wardrobe Wednesday

Here we are at Wednesday again and a chance to perv ahem, be inspired by other people’s wardrobe choices.

Nin’s theme for January is putting the New into your year. Pop over and have a look at what other people are wearing and join in – she’s doing prizes!!!

While we were away The Atlas sent me for a day in Dunedin while he and the boys went on a train adventure.

I bought 3 dresses at op-shops and this is the first. So this week I am incorporating a new item into my wardrobe – you know because you have to make it work with the wardrobe or what is the point?

The Atlas calls this look ‘glam punk’ – you know a bit of punk with a lot of pretty!

Dress: $12 Dunedin Hospice Shop (note do not crouch down in your undies in the dressing room the curtain ends at knee height – apologies to the woman waiting to use it!)

Brooch: $1 – touristy shop

Boots: $80-90? I bought them from a store in Chch about 9 years ago

Tights: Bought on a trip through Turkey for my sister and got them back as a hand-me-down

Top: $6 bought at the Lane Walker Rudkin closing down sale 2009/10?


9 responses

  1. aw you look so cool!!

  2. cute cute cute

    love and light

  3. Pink Punk Rock glam! LOVE IT!

  4. HAHA…the dressing-room crouch comment cracked me up!! :)))

    i love that you’re adventurous with your style…go YOU!!

  5. oh man I’ve SO done that crouching down in the dressing room thing, REAL bad when you’ve got a bit of bunching or saggin going on there.
    Are those boots from Attitude shoes? I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE that shop

  6. I love that dress – you could style it so many ways. Love that tights and the red brooch to pull it all together – oh and I could tell you a story or three about flashing customers. Note to self – never be tempted to take a 3 year old shopping 🙂

  7. Very funky outfit, looks great on you.

  8. Hi Makeitgiveit,
    I know what you mean, My winter wardrobe consists of sweaters and long sleeved shirts in colors like navy, dark brown, cranberry red, olive green, grey, and dark purple. Many of them have stripes, and almost all of them have V-necklines. I wear them with skinny jeans and boots (either black, grey, or brown depending). How can I dress them up a little more?
    BTW great blogpost

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