Make My Week #4 – Lounge Chair Re-Cover

Okay without sounding too vain I think this might be the awesome-est thing I have made. It could even be the awesomest lounge chair ever… that’s how much I love it.

I re-covered this year in 2010 (my first year of blogging) and although  I liked it at the time it never really worked. Here is the results first time.

Here it is in progress.

Last year I was inspired by some über expensive patch-work couches I saw in magazines and a friend even pulled one out to give me when she saw one. It was meant to be.

I tried really hard to get a smooth tight finish and use fabrics that had a bit of weight (one of my mistakes from last time).

I LOVE this chair. And it’s all stash apart from the faux-suede/leather back part.

Total cost about $6 for the floral suede/leather/pleather plus some money for staples, glue gun and thread.

Other cool creative types doing inspiring things over here. Wait til a bit later in the day when the new link is up and there are some things to see. My post always goes up a bit earlier than the link.


11 responses

  1. Photo of the back?? Looks great. Very you colours and I can see the house is going to have a real ‘look’ by the time we next get to visit.

  2. ok
    totally awesome!!!
    love the fun you have with fabric!

    Love and Light

  3. wow that is amazing, love the colours!

  4. Well done it looks fantastic

  5. Wow – not sure I have the patience to tackle something so intricate, but it looks great:) I bet its the focus of the room:) Cyndy

  6. Love that! Got to think about doing it for one of our chairs; the cats have paid it a bit too much attention and it’s feeling rather sad.

  7. This looks amazing!! Go you!

  8. Hey Miriam, you did a fab job! Can I ask how you did it? I’m so beginner, so I’m wondering if you followed a technique or winged it?? I have a couch I would loooovvvee to recover, but I’m thinking it will be farrr to complicated. How did you find the complexity of this?


    1. I’m no perfectionist I can promise. Have sent you an email with a bit more info

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