Confrontation and Encouragement

I must confess I got this book out of the library hesitantly – the unspoken thought of losing one of my babies is enough to make me cry without the harsh truth of reading the reality of another mother’s journey.

The book – ‘Hannah’s Gift – Lessons from a Life Fully Lived‘ by Maria Housden – is however, exquisite.

It details the lessons and the journey of her experience losing her daughter Hannah to cancer at 3 years old.

I cried (of course) but the book was so beautiful, so poignant and didn’t cause a moment of gripping fear about my own babies. It was an amazing mix of real raw grief and true, experienced-life full and beautiful.

The sections – Truth, Joy, Faith, Compassion and Wonder – are profound and moving. I consumed this book in an afternoon but I know I will be processing its lessons for some time.

Here are a couple of my absolute favourite quotes from the book

Joy is the magic and stillness that stand on the threshold of every moment, the experience of giving and living fully, without expecting anything in return. Because joy knows no rules, it isn’t afraid to be imperfect, and it can surprise us even in the darkest places.

It was the quality of presence and attention that I brought to what I was doing, not the activity itself, that made it what it was.

Hannah taught me that there is a death more painful than the one that took her body from this world: a soul suffocated by fear leaves too many joys unlived.

Even if you aren’t a parent or you have never lived the loss of a precious person in your life I think this book will move you, encourage you and make you delight in the really aware of the great gift that life is. It also enforces my desire to be a more intentional and delighted Mama.


4 responses

  1. I read ‘Hannah’s Gift’ a few years ago and agree totally with your opinion. Just seeing the cover picture of those red shoes has again reminded me of the important messages in the book.

  2. I read it too a couple of years ago, a moving and beautiful book.

  3. Maria Housden (Hannah's Mom) | Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing it. ❤

  4. Sounds like a “must-read”. Will search it out. Hugs to you and to Maria x

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