Make My Week #5 Party Nights

This week is a complete copy. I found this blog via pinterest, I think and then this tutorial on Etsy (I probably could have figured it out but it was fun to watch and I wouldn’t have had the idea myself). Here is the link to it on her blog.

So here is the new light fitting for the light between the kitchen and family space.

The boys love cocktail umbrellas so they love it.

I like it most at night when it is on.

More cool creative people over at Our Creative Spaces. To see more of what I make click on ‘Make My Week’ in the side bar.


12 responses

  1. Cool! Love it. Great idea.

  2. Looks awesome! Go you!

  3. that is sooo cool!!

  4. Its awesome! Like super awesome!!! I might have to make one!

  5. that looks brill, some ideas are so great they DEMAND to be copied wholesale! funny timing, I pinned a cocktail umbrella covered wreath yesterday!

  6. Agreed – super awesome!

  7. I bet this gives out a really nice warm light!- Very awesome indeed!!!

  8. Wow – it’s fab! Love it 🙂

  9. Oh I sparkly heart this!!!

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