I’m glad I’m parenting with The Atlas – last night after 2 people had day sleeps he suggested a family walk/bike after tea.

Then they (my boys) took me to the local rope swing – over a river

And off they went – The Atlas pushing the boys whooping, laughing and cheering

Me holding my breath and being ready to push The Atlas in to save them if they fell in (which they didn’t do)

Seriously – What’s with boys?????

If I parented on my own I would never let my boys do this (read ‘be boys’!) until they were about 10. The Atlas is good for me and he is especially good for our boys.  What are you grateful for this week?


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  1. Oh wow! That looks like SOOO much fun (but yes can totally relate to your nerves seeing your boys doing it!)

  2. Nice post. I hear things from Lala about what she can do all by herself at the playground of our local park. Ride a slide taller than me for example. Its just as well I let them go together, my heart would be in mouth too.

  3. I totally understand. Its a boy things! Master B loves to ride down a hill with either- hands of the handle bars or feet off the pedals! ARGH (my heart stops every time he does it)!!!!!

  4. I think I was holding my breath reading that post! Waiting for the picture of one of them in the river! I totally understand and I am grateful for Justin to be there to do all the crazy things I am never going to do with them!

  5. Hehe, I was waiting for the picture of one of them in the river too! 🙂

    My brother has a forest in his back yard (only on the westcoast!!) and he built a whole lot of high rope swings for my nephews. They are pros on them, and it took me 40 minutes to work up the courage to take the step off the platform while they were watching and telling me it was ‘easy’. Then the 10 said “girls are such wussies”

    I let down woman kind that day.

  6. looks like fun!! I’m grateful for your blog as it inspires me to be a more fun and present mummy, rather than a rushed seemingly dis-interested one!! Thank you!! x x x

  7. I will be the one anxiously standing on the bank when Tiny is old enough to do some adventurous things. Until then….I will hold him tightly and will him to stay little forever!

  8. wow that looks cool. as the mum of a girl who climbed the apple tree before she was two i think I need to psyche myself up for this sort of thing!

  9. Oh – we are so the same… Lydia would be wrapped in cotton wool if it weren’t for her Daddy! But I have to close my eyes quite regularly!

  10. Dad’s are the best for that kind of thing!

  11. Love the fact that you were ready to push him in if they fell!

  12. Awesome pics and I totally agree… what is with boys!!!

  13. Awesome post – I’ve linked my tomorrows post back to this – you’ll see why! Kids Boys Fathers!

  14. Yay for after dinner walks and I think God was on to something when he thought that boys need men so they can be allowed to ‘be boys’ hehe

  15. Fun! Wish I could have been there!

  16. Oh how fun! (and I was really waiting for a pick of someone in the water too – but mostly because my 2 would drop deliberately – they are happiest with webbed feet, my 2!) And yes, dads do daredevil stuff much more easily than mamas I think – D brought home an old (gorgeously made by a clearly doting granddad, but still!!) go kart yesterday from a garage sale…that he, Cole and Imogen were out on for all yesterday afternoon, trying out all the sloping roads around here. Did I mention it has no brakes????

  17. Oh wow, they had a ball!! I am so grateful that my husband took the girls sledging at the local golf course so I haven’t actually left the warmth of the house today. I love to look at snow through the window, not so keen to go out in it! Looking forward to Spring. xx

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