Wardrobe Wednesday – Just Like A Lady

Nin’s theme for the month is Love to Love You. So here is a dress I love for several different reasons.

1. Feminine with a capital F – I really like looking like a lady. You may gather I have no designs on proving I am equal to tasks of rubbish bins, compost, lawn mowing or even electrical duties. I can do a full press-up and change a tyre so I’m not totally spinless but I am happy to be a girl!

2. Fit – I made this dress many moons ago when I was a wee slither of the mama I am today and for a while I couldn’t fit it. But now I do – whoop! What’s not to love about shrinking back into something you’ve kept for such a reason?? (Sadly not everything in my wardrobe falls into this category)

3. Vogue – it’s not in fashion but I don’t think it’s out of fashion either – it’s a fashion mystery! Much like me perhaps??

4. Made – I made this dress and really is there anything more fun than saying ‘thank you I made it’ when someone compliments you on your outfit? No I didn’t think so either! (‘thanks I got it for free’ is also fun to say)

Dress: Handmade from a Vogue 1950s re-released pattern, Underskirt: made by me- no pattern, Beads: won from Lovely Meghan’s blog, Cardi: free, hand-me-down from a cousin, Bracelet: Christmas gift from London.

Oh and I’m making a little more effort with my photos, certain participants have been doing a sterling job and I’m inspired (not trying to keep up though! Of course not! 🙂 ).

Did you enter my giveaway? There’s a link at the bottom of my Monday post about Contentment.

Check out what other styly ladies are wearing over here.

11 responses

  1. absolutely stunningly gorgeous dress and the colour is beautiful on you and I love love love the pink cardi

  2. I also like “Thanks I made it” and “I got it for free/$2” but a male friend told me off for that last one so often that I don’t say it now. “Thanks I made it” never goes out of style much like this dress. Very pretty. (And I guess you’re trying to keep up with Nin’s photos by the looks of yours??!!)

  3. LOVE this dress (as I told you the other day) and LOVE the last photo!
    And… ummmm… is it a difficult pattern? I’d love to give it a try!

  4. Photos look lovely especially one with the little helper!! x

  5. I love the dress, currently trying to shrink down to fit my favourite dress too.

  6. Such a nice fit – as for being in fashion, I’d say its a classic style one, I think truly flattering styles like this never go out of ‘fashion.’ Good on you for making it yourself too – I made my favourite dress too 🙂 Jenny

    1. grrr.. my comment doesn’t make sense (should be no ‘one’ after ‘style’)

  7. I adore a full skirt and big beads – the modern colour combo really does it for me. And I agree! There is so much joy in being able to say “Thanks – yes I made it!”

  8. Goodness You look Stunning! So a nice dress and I’m so impressed you made it! Your photo’s look great! I wish I knew how to use my tripod!

  9. Gorgeous dress, love the colour, it suits you so well!

  10. I keep saying it – you are so clever Miriam! Not mention looking pretty swish – congrats on re-fitting your dress too!!

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