Wardrobe Wednesday

Continuing with February’s Love to Love You theme. Although I love dresses and skirts I’m not always in them. But my dilemma can be doing the jeans and a top thing without feeling too predictable and ‘ordinary’ – I’d hate it if people thought I was ordinary.

Hence this outfit. I like to have tops that still feel interesting but that are comfy and work.

This is my 20 minute top because you need no pattern and you can make it in about 20 mins. It’s also super comfy and easy to wear – on over the head and tie the ribbons at the back to create some shape.

I’m keeping it real this week too – here is one of the photos from my photo shoot:

I know… Where am I? This is what happens when you forget to hit the self timer button first.

And this ‘self portrait’. After having a whole lot of lovely bloggers for the morning I realised that I hadn’t actually done my hair at all (this is how I had it in the shower to stop it getting wet).

Details: top handmade about 2 pounds for the fabric when we lived in London, Jeans – hand-me-down, Beads – $5 Ophir shop, Earrings – giveaway win.

So you see – not all perfection here! To see what some other lovelies are wearing pop over to Nin’s here or click on the button on the right. And if you are brave you can join in too – it is really rather friendly and there are prizes!!

10 responses

  1. I dig it 🙂 Did you use a pattern for your funky top? I went to church on Sunday with my hair all ‘whipped up and upside-down’, I forgot to do it after I had a shower too, eek.

  2. Cute – but where are the shoes?! 😉

  3. you’re looking so fabulous! Love the top, love the beautiful color of the wall 😉 and love the ‘undone’ natural look with ya hair… who would’ve guessed it was the shower do!?? x x

  4. I loved your outfit when I saw it yesterday. Like the beads too, they really suit you.

  5. awesome top!!!!

    love and light

  6. Think I forgot to say yesterday, but I love this top- so elegant! Oh and your hair looked better than my daughter’s… not sure when a brush went through that birds nest last!

  7. I also noticed the lovely top yesterday, and sorry if doing hair was on your last minute list when for once I was actually on time! Wish I could say that about getting the boys to school everyday 😉 Thanks for the great valentines swap party oh and those bumble bees are almost all in MY tummy, not sure if it is a good or bad thing that I have the recipe now … and that I have everything I need to make them in my cupboard!

  8. Miriam, you are looking HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I really like this outfit. Maybe its cause I love wearing jeans most of all?

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