Make My Week #7 – A Collaboration

Thursdays are my day with Bounce. On Thursday mornings this year I have decided I am not available for coffee dates or last-minute errands (unless they are truly urgent) because I have a boy who is growing up fast. Already he is at kindy 3 mornings and these ‘me and he‘ times are for treasuring.

Today we made cupcakes. This afternoon friends are coming to play and one of them turned 4 today so we’re having a little impromptu party.

Although I am trying to live simply I also believe in excess in a big way when it comes to people and baking. Bounce is his mother’s child. While we were mixing our cupcakes he said ‘I like it when you put chocolates in the middle’. We had no chocolates, but we did have marshmallows.

And instead of icing we made chocolate mousse. And then we added sprinkles and jaffas because when you are 4 you are not counting calories and you are probably not that worried about perfect icing.

For some time in my life I felt like people thought I was ‘too full-on’ or a bit of a ‘try hard’ when I went unnecessarily over the top, for no good reason. But I’ve come to believe that people are worth going over-the-top for. Not when it causes stress and upset to do it, I agree. But I like surprising people with more-than-expected and I enjoy a good bake up with my 3 year-old.

And actually I think the world needs a bit of ‘full-on and crazy’ now and again and it’s up to those of us to who like it to get on and do it, even when people roll their eyes or tell us we really don’t need to try so hard or go to so much effort. Maybe if I’m feeling very brave and some one says that to me I’ll tell them to ‘stick a cupcake in it’!

You’ll be pleased to know we licked the beaters after we made the mousse and Bounce said to me – ‘this is good for your heart and throat isn’t it mama?’. Oh yes little Bounce it is good for your heart for sure (just not the heart the doctor checks – aye Grandad!).

After getting through that marathon of reading – other creative people can be found here.


12 responses

  1. Those cupcakes look wonderful! I feel envious of the special person they were intended for. And I agree that “over the top” is never over the top when it’s making someone feel appreciated and special and loved. Well done.

  2. ‘Full on and crazy’ is great, I love it!

  3. Looks yum and fun! Bounce is sooooooooooo cute with his commentary.

  4. Hear Hear! I would be extremely disappointed if you stopped expressing yourself through your baking. I dare you to tell someone to ‘stick a cupcake in it’. Try and get it on video please ::))

  5. I’d defo put a cupcake in it if it was one of those!.loving the attitude, loving the mothering and loving your brand of over-the-topness, lucky boy x

  6. Lucky Bounce having you all to himself on Thursday morning! Those cupcakes look scrummy! I’d never complain about over the top baking… just saying… πŸ˜‰

  7. love that you are making the most of the moments together! and i want one of those cupcakes!! also hate to think of people telling you to shine your light less brightly – you gotta be who you are and embrace it πŸ™‚

  8. love love love love you are a wonderful Mama

  9. Wonderful post! πŸ™‚ Your boys are delicious (like your baking) and I love how flamboyant and expressive you are. You brighten any situation and never fail to have someone smiling! Thank you for creating more smiles in this world and warming many more hearts πŸ™‚

  10. I love your kind of full on crazy. It’s definitely not me, but it suits you very well

  11. “I think the world needs a little full-on crazy”
    I couldn’t agree more!!!!

    Love and Light

  12. Agree with all the full on comments. You are a wee diamond who shines very brightly. xx

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