Wardrobe Wednesday #8

Continuing with the Love to Love You theme set for February.

One of the things I am striving for in my life is to be more ethical in my spending choices. Although it is easy to pick up bargains (and I do find a good bargain kind of irresistible!) many of those bargains come at a high price for people involved in their manufacture. But then there is the economics of always buying NZ/hand-made/ ethical choice goods…..

One of my solutions to this it must be said is op-shopping and second-hand – this way every $ I spend is going to charity (most of the time) and I am not supporting a chain of supply and demand that rests on the backs of poor people in the world.

Today both my skirt and top are NZ designed and handmade and they are (in my opinion) incredibly reasonably priced. By this I mean similar prices to a place like Max but made by a real NZer who has also created her own patterns to make them from. I know she hand makes them because I have seen her at work in her lounge at home.

I love wearing this outfit because it makes me feel pretty and feminine and also because it showcases a very talented and local woman and I feel especially good about that. (also washes like a dream)

The shoes I bought about 13 years ago (I know do I ever throw anything out???? I assure you I do!) for a job interview and I haven’t worn them for ages, and I almost threw them out, but I love they way they look so I decided I had to wear them first before making the decision to chuck. I  put them on again today and the love has come back! So glad I kept them – girly, comfy, cute.

Outfit run down:

Top – Also Sailor Spy but from her last season collection (I think around the $40-50 mark)

Skirt -$89 Sailor Spy (click on shop tab at top)

Cardi – hand-me-down

Shoes – Hannahs bought in 1999

Earrings – gift/giveaway win (I love them I wear them HEAPS!)

Rings – engagement ring made at Camerons in Palmerston North, Wedding ring designed by us, engraved and made by Manawatu Manufacturing Jeweller, (both in 1999) Silver ring bought for me by The Atlas in Austria on holiday from a small boutique type shop.

To see what other lovelies are wearing head over to Nin’s place.

** I realise this may seem like a) an ad for Sailor Spy – just so we are clear Nin is not aware I am doing this, b) condemning of purchasing things from chain stores, especially cheap ones – when I buy new (which is seldom nowadays) I still do go to places like K-Mart, Farmers, Glassons… so I’m not judging I’m just saying I find it weighs on my conscience so I am trying to do something about it.

**** Also, I realise this is a bit of a novel! I can’t help myself the minute someone compliments me on an outfit or comments on something I have to tell them the WHOLE story of whatever it is I am wearing – I’m a bit tedious that way.

This is a day early because tomorrow is the anniversary of the big quake and I want to mark that.


11 responses

  1. Looks good! Yay for recycling.

  2. You look awesome! Loving that top!

  3. Looking lovely as always! x

  4. You. Look. Fabulous! This might be one of my favourite outfits of yours! I love the loose feminine look and colours. arg! BEAUTIFUL! 🙂

  5. You always look lovely; I’m not doing WW today even with tomorrow being what it is cos I don’t like what I’m wearing atm. Tomorrow I’ll wear something I love and get back to the quilt I abandoned a year before.

  6. i love those shoes! Super cute! Gorgeous feminine outfit too x x

  7. LOVING this outfit ::))
    I may be a little biased since I also own this top of Nin’s – GORGEOUS !! !!

  8. Love your top, esp. the bow. Cute shoes!

  9. Hey Miriam looking good as always – I’m so touched that you like my clothes so much. The shoes are pretty special too.

  10. Love this outfit, you look great! Totally want to steal your top…… will be going over to have a nosey at Nin’s clothes! xx

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