The Best Kind of Friends

This week we received a very special parcel from a friend in London

Bounce immediately knew ‘It’s the Olympics’ when he saw his…. ??? My boys seem to love signs and symbols (they didn’t get that from me)

Flip said ‘I can actually speak British because I was born there, aye mama?’ (he was but his accent needs some work!)

And last week a friend dropped a wrapped sheet in my letter box because she knows I am on a no-fabric for 6 months challenge and she saw this and thought of me.

I do have the best kind of friends….

but the VERY best kind of friends are the ones who are so proud to be in the same t-shirts and hug with great enthusiasm and very little encouragement.

Again I am SO grateful for the gift of these boys and the crazy-fun they bring to my life.

Other grateful people here.


7 responses

  1. I am very grateful for these 2 boys too. The most gorgeous boys in the world. xx

  2. Awesome. This makes me even more stoked that we’re having another boy – seeing boys like yours who are such good friends…awesome.
    (P.S: the coasters arrived yesterday and I LOVE them – thank you!!)

  3. Gorgeous boys! And I love that fabric. What a sweet friend 🙂

  4. Sweet friend… but oh such gorgeous boys ;-)!

  5. Oh, your boys are so cute (and loving that fabric!!).

  6. Gorgeous boys and great t-shirts too!

  7. Lovely photo of the two boys Miriam. They look great in the t-shirts. Martina.

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