Wardrobe Wednesday

The last of the Love to Love you posts.

Last week I got sent this AWESOME t-shirt from a friend in London (thanks Debbie!) It is absolutely perfect me – especially if you know my last name! and the fact there are 3 very important ‘men’ in my life.

The t-shirt is a reference to what Jesus said about being ‘Fishers of Men’ and being a Jesus loving kind of lass that suits me too.

It fits my desire to have some ‘fun’ top options that make me still feel fun and cool when I am doing the casual thing.

Outfit – jeans – hand-me-down, t-shirt bought at Greenbelt festival – gift, beads – worn as a bracelet 50c Marsden School Fair, Shoes – bought from Trade-Me (I bought 4 pairs for $1 so these are my 25c shoes!).

Jump over to Nin’s place and check out what some other people LOVE in their wardrobe.

8 responses

  1. Awesome tee! I just love the shoes. Its always so satisfying to get a great bargain!

  2. Ha! My first thought was you had that made especially! Looking very hip M ;D

  3. Love your outfit today, awesome tee!

  4. Such a fun photo ‘shoot’ and love the whole outfit – and that t-shirt is brilliant!!

  5. So cute seeing you in a T-shirt and it couldn’t be more apt! I love it!

  6. Love your shoes and beads!

  7. I have said it before, but I’m so happy in jeans I never think of jeans as a substandard outfit and that blue looks awesome on you too. You look great!

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