Make My Week #9 Bags

I’ve seen a lot of bunting around over the last wee while but I haven’t seen it on a bag until I did it myself. (although there may be others doing it of course!)

I love the way bunting makes anything feel happy and celebratory.

This bag is quite big and I’ve fully lined it in gorgeous ‘old Mother Hubbard’ fabric and added a cell-phone pocket to make it more useable.

I made 2 of these but I won’t keep either. 1 is for a beautiful mama facing a very difficult journey of watching her 3 year-old go through cancer treatment – more info here. I’ll tell you where the other one is going next week.

I did some free-motion work to make the words – I am getting more confident at it. Made entirely from things in my stash.

More Creative Spaces here.

And because I especially love this bag and how craft can be a bright star in a dull day I’m joining in with Simone and other bloggers picking their favourite post of the week.


13 responses

  1. That bag is adorable!! Well done you!

  2. The Mother Hubbard is the perfect lining fabric. I miss having that in my stash!

  3. very sweet!

    love and light

  4. So cute! Love it!! 🙂

  5. Just lovely! Lisa xx

  6. Lovely! There’s no way you could have a bad day carrying this around 🙂

  7. Lovely lovely work. So satisfying to make something for someone so well deserving. I hope your thoughtful gift bought her a smile.

  8. Well done, absoultely gorgeous! So awesome to be giving one to that dear mum too. AWESOME! x x

  9. Definitely a bag to bring a smile to the face! Love the free-motion embroidery. I tried that once- a big fail! (Will have to try it again!)

  10. I love the bunting on the bag!!! i am planning on doing some on a cushion, when i have time…lol

  11. Wow, I love it!!!
    Love your freestyling stitching and that mother hubbard fabric lining.
    BUT especially I LOVE that you are gifting this beautiful piece to someone who is in a world of pain.
    I love your heart Miriam – inspiring!

  12. I LOVE bunting!! I have made some to go on the front of my table at markets – it looks really cute. I’m also going to put bunting onto a few girls winter dresses I am making!

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