This Week I’m Loving

The Atlas has got his crafty on! He’s made over a bike our bro-in-law left him when they moved to Holland. Was an old school 10-speed now a new school single speed commuter – oh ah! So proud of my crafty man (not that he likes it to be called craft of course!).

Our local Kindy Challenge-a-thon – So cute. Little Bounce had to complete physical challenges – Flip joined in too.

The shoes came from Korea – he adores them and calls them his ‘splishy-splashy shoes’!! I get the odd sideways look about them. Yes he is doing the rope bridge with his ‘library bag’ in hand and his shorts completely twisted round as well – this kid is AWESOME!!

I’m inspired by all the great costumes I’ve discovered doing my ‘research’ for the Mad Men costume challenge (see the button on the right). I’ve never watched Mad Men but my the costumes are awesome. Due to my self-imposed fabric embargo I think I’ll just do a ‘inspired by’ rather than a proper copy.

Here’s my pinterest board for dresses here – not all Mad Men inspired but some are.

Flip also completed his first duathlon this week at school – 5 hardy/enthusiastic boys did both and the rest in teams (he did both!)

Loving that Flip has started his first adventure into learning music – violin – using my old violin (hopefully he makes more progress than I did!)

Loving that both my boys love listening to audio books.

Mostly I’m loving the things that make me smile most of all – The Atlas, Flip and Bounce – my cup is full people.

(although I am seriously craving the sugar I have decided to give up for lent! seriously do not walk past me with a bar of fairtrade chocolate or I may have to punch you.)

Other grateful people over at Paisley Jade’s


11 responses

  1. Love all this too! FYI if you get really dark chocolate it doesn’t have sugar in it. You gave up sugar not chocolate after all! Those yellow shoes are hilarious!

  2. We have that exact same robot hoodie! Mylo was wearing it yesterday too. Loving what you’re loving. Yay for kids learning music we are yet to venture down that track with ours but I so want to. I played the clarinet for years in bands and in church. It’s a great skill to learn 🙂

  3. Gah, you & PaisleyJade have made my day. Love how your kid is AWESOME! Those splishy=splashy shoes rock!

  4. aaaww the violin takes me way back! I remember you and your violin! LOVE that your lil man is learning to play and learnign on your one! how super cool is that! x x x

  5. Gorgeous post – love the twisty-shorts-splishy-splashy-shoes photo! Your cup is definitely full 🙂
    (And I am eating enough chocolate for the both of us right now….only too glad to help out!)

  6. I used to love audi books when I was little! And that bike is great! I have no idea when it comes to gears and what not, So atlas must be a clever man!

  7. Beautiful post and well done on your fast!

  8. Love the sport and music mix for your boys, such a great idea!

  9. I love these photos. So cute. Love the duathlon and the splashy shoes.

    Boys are so sweet. You have lots to love and so do I.

  10. the kindy Challenge-a-thon looks liek it was fun

    good on Flip
    I tried the violin for a while when i went to high school after many years of the guitar I didnt get very far either

    my youngest likes audio books too 🙂

  11. Cool bike! 😀 Seeing those boys run around reminds me of those fun school days.

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