Wardrobe Wednesday – Heavenly Homemade

I am VERY excited about this month’s theme for Wardrobe Wednesday – Heavenly Homemade.

I so love seeing what other people make and wear…. and ….. (following a very small pause where I get very excited!) … I am the guest judge of the month! I know, I am busting my buttons with excitement…. 🙂

Which means I made a prize (the other denim bag I made and showed last Thursday) and Nin has done an interview with me and taken photos of my wardrobe – it feels like the pinnacle of blogging fame when someone wants to interview you on their blog – well it does to me.

It also means I have to pick the winner which is the downside of the privilege – I hate judging things unless it’s Project Runway from the safety of my own couch, but I digress.

This week I am wearing the dress I made last year for my sister’s wedding. It’s made from a New Look pattern – I currently have 3 dresses in this pattern in my wardrobe and another cut out ready to make up.

The Atlas took great delight saying silly things to try to make me laugh during the photo shoot – the man is an idiot (it’s one of his most endearing qualities).

Outfit –

Dress – handmade by me 2011

Shoes – $30 on sale (down from $120) in 2006 I have worn these so much they starting to fall apart.

Pearls – on loan from my sister – they belonged to a friend’s grandmother

Earrings – tiny wee flowers from Korea, birthday gift in 2009

Jacket – op-shopped and hand me down from my sis – just started wearing this last year. LOVE it.

Brooch made for me by Ann in a tin swap last year.

Sunnies – $5, I know I am wearing them inside but I literally just stepped in and made requested The Atlas take the photos immediately – so I forgot to remove them.

Go over to Nin’s and have a look at what people are wearing and see if my interview is up and why not join in???


13 responses

  1. Gorgeous dress and WOW those shoes would match my outit perfectly today ~ I don’t have any handmade in my wardrobe ;'( other than Nins handmade 🙂

  2. thanks for visiting my blog

    clever you!! making your dress

    what a score you made on those shoes WTG!!

    and I like the pearls too

  3. Woop woop! Well done on your win 🙂
    Love your outfit as always (great fabric) and once I get over my phobia of the patterns that you lent me, I will do my best to join in Wardrobe Wednesday before the end of the month. (There! I’ve written it down so I can’t get out of it!!!)

  4. you are a talent!!!
    have fun being judge

    love and light

    ps great shoes!!!

  5. you are so HOT! such a style bunny!!

  6. Love the colours of your pearls, the print of your dress and your shoes! Actually, just love this whole outfit and you look gorgeous, especially in the first photo.

  7. That dress looks so well made and fits you so well – I wish I was that talented! Also love your blazer… it looks almost velvety in the pic.

  8. Love this weeks look, yet again you look amazing.

  9. Love the fabric print and the PINK shoes with the burgandy jacket – I love unexpected colour combos 🙂

  10. Great outfit. Love the dress and jacket combo. I was there when you bought those shoes and I’m so glad to hear you’ve thrashed them…satisfying shopping experience.

  11. HOT Mama!!!!! You look stunning in that dress Miriam. No wonder you are going to make another….

  12. LOVE the pearls!!!!

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