On Saturday I had one of those awesome days where I achieved stuff

Finished 2 dresses

Made a cover for our supplementary number plate (by the way you can get a supplementary plate for $17.50 or you can get a fine of $150! – for use when we have the bikes on the back of the car).

I made a couple of personalised pencil cases for birthday presents

and a couple of clear velcro cases for the marbles and a very exciting new lego game (more about that next week)

Starched the boys initials above their beds new bunks!!!

(that’s a whole post some time – when the room is a bit more finished!)

and….. insert drumroll here…..

I made my first ever batch of jelly (the jam conserve type rather than the dessert type).

I am stupidly proud of myself – although I haven’t eaten any yet so I’m hoping the pride is not leading up to the fall!!

I love days like that!

And we’ve had 2 parties, a library trip, a black tie/Oscars themed 40th,  church and a whole lot of crazy…..

What’s your idea of a good weekend?


10 responses

  1. Wow! that’s super impressive. Did you have time to breathe??????? I can’t believe you didn’t try the jelly, I want to dip my knife in and spread it on some toast.

  2. Amazing! I really dont know how you do it all. That jelly looks yum and the marble pouch is such a good idea. I collect marbles… I dont know why… Just because they are pretty perhaps? I was lucky to get a couple of things done off the ever growing list in my head… You should have the most enormous grin 🙂

  3. WOW the jelly looks simply perfect – I normally make crab apple and mint jelly each year – but this year our crab apple tree was a complete failure.
    LOVE the starched walls!
    You’re so clever xxx

  4. a girl was in at work talking of an Oscars themed 40th she was attending this weekend! ha! must have been the same one huh?
    I’ve had a crazy busy saturday being a Bridesmaid and an incredibly lazy sunday recovering from the week!

  5. ok Miss Busy Super Clever Pants! Can we please have pics showing all of the dresses and pics of the Oscars themed 40th? I hope you dont know about the fine from experience!!?? OUCH! x x

  6. Wowee! That’s an impressive amount you got through in the weekend – I’m in awe.

    I think we’ve got the same Lego game as you to review…pretty cool! Roll on Thursday xx

  7. Thank you for the pressy! We had a lovely time and I’m relieve it hardly rained!! Missed you, though it was lovely to see Mike :). Catch up soon, when I’ve said some more goodbyes to my family 😦

  8. Looking forward to seeing more of those dresses! For the madmen challenge I take it? What fruit is in the jam?

  9. All in one day?? Impressive!! Your jelly looks great, and I hope we get to see the dresses in the entirety very soon.

  10. Wow you were busy!!! 🙂
    Love the clear bags! Great idea for kids (who tip everything out to find one little thing!! 🙂 & looking forward to seeing the lego game! We have an almost 4 year old “Mr. Fun” here who LOVES lego! 🙂

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