Wardrobe Wednesday #11, Make My Week #11 and Mad Men Challenge #1

Okay so hopefully you’re still with me after such a massive title!

This is my March clothing make and it is also my first post (I am going to do 2) for Julia Bobbin’s Mad Men Challenge – button on the right.

Our Wardrobe Wednesday theme for the month is Heavenly Homemade and I am the guest judge. Today Nin has published her interview with me so hurry on over and have a perv ah, peek into my wardrobe.

This dress cost – $2 I think for the zip, $2.99 for the thread and also, confession time $1 for the sheet I bought in Dunedin!!! I am supposed to be on a fabric embargo for the first 6 months of this year …but … it was so lovely and $1. You forgive me right? So, total cost about $6. The top part is an old curtain of my Mother In Laws and the lining is from my stash.

I am wearing it with my homemade full circle petticoat – also made entirely from stash.

Shoes – I can’t remember if I bought these at TKMaxx in the UK or No.1 Shoes in NZ – they were cheap.

Jewelry all gifted.

So it isn’t a direct copy of a Mad Men dress but it is supposed to capture the vibe and essence of the dresses they wore. I love the colours. It is made from a modified New Look pattern. The neckline isn’t probably that authentic but I did try to style it as authentically as I could.

Julia will be posting all about the dresses with some links on April 1st. But head over before then anyway if you like gorgeous, vibrant and talented show and tell of handmade clothes.

Other Wardrobe Wednesday ladies AND my interview here.

Fantastic, talented Creations here from Thursday.

Phew – take a breath. I hope you breathed while you read. I forgot to breathe while I typed and I’m a little light-headed now!!

10 responses

  1. WOW Miriam it is beautiful and SO you!
    I had a fleeting moment of thinking of Maria from Sound Of Music making the kids clothes from curtains . . . A dress and such a beautiful dress made from curtains and sheets ! PERFECT I love it

    1. Yes! Sound of Music! I was thinking that too Cat! So, so beautiful and Miriam wear it with such flair and style.

  2. …its a lil difficult to breath when you are so taken back by your talent and creativity! You are amazing and those shoes are to die for!!

  3. You are looking so ‘mad men’ – I love that its your interpretation, not a direct copy. I also really really love the shoes!!

  4. Fabulous! My favourite colours too… You must be so proud of yourself. Those shoes are icing on the cake.

  5. Love this dress, especially the colour and the fitted bodice and then full skirt. You are gorgeous!

  6. What a beautiful dress! Love everything about it and it lt looks wonderful on you. And those shoes!! Wow! Be still my heart!

  7. Ooh very Mad Men, and absolutely gorgeous! Those shoes are amazing too!

  8. You talented girl you!! Loving that 1950s or is it 60s look! So impressed that you made this almost entirely out of your stash!

  9. Looking good! I think you left one key word out of your ‘mystyle’ description over at Nin’s: COLOUR! I always think of colour when I think of your wardrobe and the photos just prove it. It’s going to be so much fun seeing what other the MadMenChallenge results are.

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