Feeling the Force

We love lego – it seems to come with the territory of having 3 males in one house….maybe it would be the same if it was all girls – I can’t say I have no expertise in this area.

When the new lego game ‘Battle of Hoth’ arrived in the mailbox poor Flip nearly burst his buttons in excitement and the effort required to wait until we were ready to play before we undid the box.

It was worth the wait a long leisurely morning with Daddy setting up – it took them nearly an hour of enjoyable ‘lego play’. I think even I could follow lego instructions. Certainly Flip loves the easy style of their instruction books, no words needed.

and then the great Battle began. Flip’s entire focus was on getting to the stage where he could roll the dice and attack. In his typical style without too much, any strategy he creamed Daddy and won the game.

I like that about this game it can be played with strategy (and I’m sure it will be in a few years) or you can just play it.

The Atlas, really liked the ‘childhood memories’ aspect of playing this with Flip. The excitement and ability to participate in the imaginary play part of the game and the arguements over who will be the goodie (he was very mature and let Flip choose).

I personally like the imaginative part of lego’s approach – even though it is a game players can choose to add in new characters (these are provided in the form of Chewbacca and others) and change the style of the game. Even in the rules/instructions there is encouragement to make the game your own. And of course the pieces all work with any other lego you have.

The game is based on the battle of the same name from the ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Star Wars movie.

I ended up making a clear plastic case for the pieces with a velcro top because I didn’t think the box would ensure pieces being safe at our house.

I was sent this game to review with my boys and when I get something this awesome I score major points for being cool which I figure buys me less eye-rolling when I am doing my serious work of blogging! Although it’s recommended for 8+ I think it can be accessible for players 5-8 if they play with an adult.

We’d recommend it for those who like games that can be played on a fun or thinking level and for Star Wars lovers, Lego lovers and the geeks 😉 who love both.

Product Name:  Star Wars™: The Battle of Hoth™
Body Copy: It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Darth Vader has discovered Luke Skywalker’s secret base on the remote ice planet of Hoth™, and Imperial ground forces are ready to attack! The Battle for Hoth™ has begun in an exciting game of strategy and luck for 2 or 4 players.
·      1 buildable LEGO Dice
·      32 LEGO microfigures
·      272 LEGO pieces
·      Rules booklet
·      Building instructions
RRP: $    69.99
And on an entirely different lego-loving note – look at these awesome lego boxes I bought the other day. I brought them home for my boys after my trip to see my new nephew and they are a FIRM favourite. Not sure where you can buy them in Christchurch but I found these at Moore Wilsons in Wellington. You can get other sizes too.
by putting raisins in these I figure I can get Bounce off my back to buy the raisins in the boxes instead of the cheap large packets I buy!

8 responses

  1. We love Lego in our house too

  2. Cool lego boxes! Hubby and I have been eyeing up the lego games for a while now but I think we will wait until there is a huge sale, $70 is a lot for a little game like that!

  3. Uncle Alex will be so jealous when he reads this post!

    1. Stupid wordpress! That was not meant to be a self-authored comment!

      1. he he he Uncle Alex is now referring to himself in the 3rd person!!

  4. wow! Cool game and fabulous little containers!! x x

  5. Here is the real Alex! Wow, that is one cool present! I like the lego and game combination – sounds like my idea of a great time! I won’t be offended if ‘storming the keep’ gets relegated 😀

  6. Lovely playing boys. x

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