Wardrobe Wednesday # 12 Heavenly Homemade

This week I forgot to take a photo of myself when I was wearing this little ensemble so I offer you the faux version of it!

This is the dress I made to wear at Christmas time from my trusty New Look pattern.

I added in the over part in the mesh/tulle and the red ribbon around the waist.

I always get compliments when I wear this dress. I think it is the combo of red and polka dots – how can they be anything other than happy?

Shoes $5 from the local oppy. Bracelet Dyrberg/Kern on loan from my sister.

Pop over to Nin’s and see what other ladies are wearing. Join in with some handmade goodness from your wardrobe – who knows you might win!

Do you ever stop a stranger and compliment them on their outfit?


9 responses

  1. Must admit that I’ve never stopped a stranger to tell them that they look amazing, but I have BEEN stopped by a stranger. The first time was in Edinburgh when I had taken my Dad and my wedding dress to Monsoon to see if a little bolero jacket would finish with the outfit- a woman grabbed me by the arm and told me that I looked amazing. She didn’t work for the shop, but it was a great tactic, the bolero was sold on the spot!!!
    The second time I was trying on a wrap dress (that according to Gok is perfect for my figure)- he was right as a stranger yelled across the shop to compliment me!

  2. love that dress on you!! beautiful xxxx

  3. Fab as always. I love that the over skirt is a little longer – it makes it modern and edgy some how. Where do you find all these great shoes?? I only ever find yucky shoes at op shops, I’m going to have to take lessons!

  4. Love, love, love!!!!!!

    Every now and then there will be an amazing home-made piece that makes me wish I had the energy and interest in making my own clothes… this is one of them! I LOVE it, and would so wear it (after having HAD the baby of course)!!!!!!!

    PS – Love your new look! Ever thought of a ‘Home’ button though… you blog so often, and I am scared I am going to miss out as I am very slack at keeping up!

  5. Absolutely love this dress

  6. That dress is stunning…I love a red and white polka dot combo.
    I will often compliment a stranger on what they are wearing if it is warranted, nothing like a compliment to brighten ones day 🙂

  7. Gorgeous dress! Not doing WW today, haven’t had time to take photo’s as I’ve been too busy tidying.

  8. Aah, I love this! Especially that top shot – could be on the cover of a magazine, you super talent you!

  9. Love the shoes…how did I miss these on Christmas Day?

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