Happy Friday

I love by stopping to be grateful each week I am challenged to notice good things each week.

This week I am loving bloggers – last week I had the joy of an evening with Meghan. We took in Te Papa’s wedding dress collection and she took me out for Gelato to Kaffe Eis. Mmmmm. Meeting bloggers and making new friends has been one of the unexpected awesome side-effects of blogging.

As well as thinking Meghan is delightful company I have also made her Massuman curry and her Green Curry this week. Both recipes are on her blog. The Atlas is grateful for her input too! 🙂

I’m also loving the vege co-op at school. Each week I pay $10 and for this I get a bag of veges and one of fruit. This week we got – nashis, plums, pears, bananas, mandarins, ginger, cucumber, aubergine, broccoli, brussels sprouts and a capsicum. Definitely good value for money and worth owning Digby Law’s vegetable cookbook!

I also had a wee chuckle this week when I biked past 3 men with a spirit level on a road when they had been doing some work. Bless them I’d be surprised if any road in Christchurch would be level nowadays…..

I’m also adoring this gorgeous list written by Flip – it’s the fruit of the Spirit. I’m thinking about how to record this is some form to make it more permanent.

Other grateful people playing here.



6 responses

  1. aw that fruit of the spirit list is just TOOOO CUTE! I look forward to hearing how you will preserve that!! 🙂

  2. COOL that you met meghan!!

    That is such a gorgeous picture by Flip – I love suofkhtol – is that self control? hehe

    You could put it in a delicious frame! Preserved for years to come.

  3. The fruit of the spirit has changed since I learned them! Can make out most. Very cute.

  4. How lovely that you met up with wonderful Meghan – she really is an inspirational woman and very good company indeed. Glad you had a lovely time in Wellington 🙂

  5. It was a truly delightful evening indeed! And your Flip’s writing is SO precious. One to keep for a scrapbook or frame somehow for sure xx

  6. Hi Miriam, I went to see the Te Papa’s wedding collection when I was there. It’s a good exhibition, very interesting to see the different styles. My favourite was the Herman Mantell dress, who he designed for Hermione Willis in 1950. It had a v-necked, drop collar, in a light, coffee coloured satin, with beads and sequins on it. Beautiful!

    The gelato must have been great!

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