Rites of Passage

I think there’s something about boys and fishing…. I’m not sure what the appeal is….

Long hours in the baking sun with nothing happening?

Physical exertion pulling the fish in?

Slimy fish jumping around half dead?

Small hooks that may become embedded in your finger?

So much to love! No?

Then I look at photos of the weekend when my boys, Daddy and Pop fished and I’m glad they have the opportunity.

And Flip caught the biggest fish!


8 responses

  1. Photos are lovely. Pop looks very happy.xx

  2. Looks so fun! Brings back memories: “Rollerskates? I had a pair of rollerskates…” 😉

  3. Oh yes… males and fishing, doesn’t do a thing for me either!!!!!!!!!

  4. Looks like a fun day of bonding and adventure! What a wonderful experience and one that will likely stay with your boys throughout their lives as being very special!


  5. Well done Flip! And well done Pop, he still looks exactly the same!!! does the man not know how to age??? Awesome to see him with your kids…. gee we must be big kids now! 😉

  6. Love the photos. I love seeing the little faces when the kiddies catch a fish. Peter is always catching little fish but I haven’t caught any since he was born!

  7. I love fishing too! Not sure why. Maybe its the Quiet time, a chance for contemplation, spending quality time with friends and family all whilst you wait for that one moment. I wish I was there, I enjoyed fishing on the wharf with Xanadu and the Atlas in Akaroa.

  8. I can see there is something amazing about the feeling of having a fish on your line! Or of eating a fish you caught!

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