Wardrobe Wednesday #14 – Inspired

A new month of Wardrobe Wednesday loveliness coming up… Nin’s theme for the month is inspirations – you know that style of dressing, that woman on the bus, that celeb you can’t get enough of….


My inspiration for this ensemble is colour blocking, which I rather like and have seen a lot of lately around the web-o-sphere.


And I am also inspired by ‘obvious’ lipstick.


I quite like the ‘yes I am wearing very red lipstick at 10am girl’s I see from time to time – they always look like they have a commitment to looking like they have made an effort and they do care about how they look.


Dress – second hand – Dunedin, tights – cosmic corner, shoes – barcelona (and they are starting to die, sob!)


Pop over to Nin’s and check out what inspires other people’s wardrobes.

6 responses

  1. Love the red lippy!! My Nan alway used to say that if you were sad you should wear red lipstick. That way people will look at your mouth and not your eyes. I think that it’s more wear and it will make you feel a whole lot better!

  2. I love this outfit!! and your tights are awesome, I need to get some coloured ones!! xo

  3. Loving the colour combo, very daring and funky! That dress is just gorgeous!

  4. Is it okay to say YOU inspire my wardrobe?
    I LOVE your colour and your style!

  5. Love this outfit, every single bit! I soooo want a pair of bright red shoes x

  6. you are so cool and i love how you can wear that lippy with style… you look fab!

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