Wardrobe Wednesday #16 – Inspired

So Nin’s challenge for the month is to take inspiration from any source and make it our own when putting an outfit together,

So… I have a wee confession to make (not the peanut butter on cheap white bread one – I already confessed to that!) I’m a bit of a  wannabe dancer.

So today I’m taking inspiration from the ‘dancer off duty’ look – slouchy pants, fitted tee, ponytail, minimal makeup, flat shoes. Just makes me want to bust a move.

While I may be no ballerina – my flat feet and ample bust put paid to ballet as a possible career option (and the lack of discipline to practise and requirement to live on lettuce leaves!) I do adore moving to music and let me tell you – I got some moves – just none that will make it to ‘So you think you can dance’!

I also like this as a holiday look, and a superstar doing the incognito thing…. Just add over sized dark glasses and some labelled shopping bags (and maybe 10-20 less kgs – but who’s worried about that)

My photo shoot today is also inspired by Jess who always has heaps of fun with her WW posts.

Pants – classic clothing (I know!)I love these pants- they have a super high waist and they are wide and really long,

t-shirt – gift,

Shoes – 25c TradeMe

What is your wannabe dress style? I also love the ballet chiffon and frou, frou look but I really don’t carry it off.

Pop over and see what other ladies are inspired by – just click on the pic!

Wardrobe Wednesday at SailorSpy.co.nz

on a related or unrelated note I’ve had a bit of a sewing fail – chose a pattern that really isn’t a great shape for me…. I’m down to the last 3 steps to finish but I don’t think it’s redeemable for me…. suggestions??


4 responses

  1. Nice to see you in something that’s not ultra-glamorous, I love all the stuff you wear and this is something you look really comfortable in.

  2. I’ve had a few of those. My tip is to finish it and pay it forward! Can I ask: where’s the blush coloured wrap around cardi?! 😉

  3. You used to have some lovely fairisle leg warmers too. What happened to them?

  4. Cute look. Very collegiate which is sooo in at the moment. Makes me think of Fame the movie too. Definitely need legwarmers!

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