Wardrobe Wednesday #16 – Colour Blocking – again!

So continuing along the inspired theme

I’ve been having another epiphany about shapes that are good for me (after my dress fail that will never see the light of day!)


This is me doing colour blocking.

I love this skirt so much, it’s an op-shop number that had the most awful 80’s jacket to accompany it – the jacket went straight back! The skirt is a fantastic feminine shape.


Top new from my shopping trip the other day I love this colour it’s inspired by my big sister I call it Naomi blue. Probably a much better colour on her but I’m a little rebellious like that from time to time!


The top was originally $40 down to $15 and then half price on a specials night – $7.50


Shoes $2 bought for fun to go with a costume but I’m kind of liking them now.


Beads $2 from the Sallies.

Outfit total less than $15 – so I guess maybe I am inspired by price tag too this week  every week!


Pop over and see what is inspiring others this week. Did you see my sister there last week?? She looks nothing like me.

Wardrobe Wednesday at SailorSpy.co.nz


8 responses

  1. So cute! I especially love the skirt but they are all great finds!

  2. Fond memories of that skirt – it’s one to never get rid of. Loving the ‘Naomi blue’! Unfortunately my pj’s are not WW worthy. Might see you next week though 😉

  3. Great look and you don’t need leg warmers at all this weeek.

  4. Looking awesome as always my dear! The skirt looks wonderful on you!

  5. Love the skirt and top together; suits you.

  6. An amazing outfit full of colour as usual
    You inspire me and one day I might just step out side of black
    Your amazing wardrobe was a topic of discussion on Saturday night – we are in envy of your ability to look AMAZING in EVERYTHING you wear xxx

  7. The skirt is such a great shape! and the colour makes it even more fun and flirty. Love.

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