Make My Week #17 it’s a pj party

When I did my mad men challenge last month I also ended up with new blogs to read. And one of the new blogs I read (Did You Make That?) has been hosting a PJ sew-along.

What you need to know – yes I wear flannel pjs. Isn’t it one of the great mysteries and sorrows of the world that one doesn’t look anywhere near as adorable in one’s flannel PJs as one feels?

The singlet is from my draws and I sewed the doily on. Flannel was a hand-me-down from a mother’s stash…. (call it an estate stash if you will).

Cost $0 all from my stash -whoop! Thanks Karen for such a fun challenge. Check out other ladies in their very respectable and non-inappropriate pjs from 28th of April – here. Apologies for the ‘come hither’ stare I’m not much of a bedroom model – these were the best of a very average bunch!

Karen also asked everyone to say what was on their bedside table so in light of sharing:

But Is it Real by Amy Orr-Ewing – a great book for people who have intellectual and other objections or questions about Christianity as a faith for intelligent rational people.

How to Keep the YOU in Mum by Karyn Riley – a book I will be reviewing at some point this year.

The latest Burda magazine – quite keen to make this one –

and a book from the library –  Love Vintage a passion for collecting fashion – totally gorgeous book full of beautiful pictures of clothing through the 1900s – tempted to add it to my book wish list.

What are you reading at the moment?

Does this count as my clothing make for the month? I think so!

other crafty spaces over here.


4 responses

  1. Love the PJ’s, but can’t wait to see what you do with that Burda pattern! Its going to look AMAZING on you!!!

  2. Very lovely pjs. Looking for a pair of pants like those!

  3. Cute pjs! And that dress pattern – super-cool! As for what I’m reading…’Les Miserables’, and 4 back issues of ‘Mindfood’ magazine.

  4. Love your pjs!! When I was flatting I use to put my pj pants on as soon as I got home a the end of the day, so comfy!

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