Making Me Smile

A little one’s first round of mini-golf

Chinese lanterns on a dark evening

Cousins to stay in the holidays

Natural treasure hunts in Christchurch’s beautiful gardens (so well organised and exciting for 5 wee boys)

And friends to enjoy them with

Biking to school Bounce (almost 3.5) biked from our place to school and on to kindy, then home from kindy, then back to school and home and to a friend’s place on Tuesday – a good 8km a least – so proud of him.

and I’m loving libraries – free books people, for everyone… such a wonderful and amazing concept

and I am in love with the colours of autumn – it’s such a treat to live in a city that has so many amazing trees

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4 responses

  1. Beautiful autumn colours and lovely family photos. Thanks for sharing. I always read your blog but have been remiss on leaving comments and plan to correct that. Hugs

  2. Autumn colours are so beautiful – love the photo of the tree in the water, and all its autumnal glory.

  3. Great photos and the boys look adorable!

  4. I was lucky enough to get to Chch for a few days at the start of the holidays, and saw the beautiful autumn-ness around and about. Beautiful!!

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