Making A Difference

There is a great saying ‘Act as if what you do makes a difference, it does’ or something like that.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how much our lives, our decisions, our behaviours are linked to others – how in this tangled web of the ‘human family’ we do belong to each other and even more than that: who we are and how we live doesn’t just affect us it affects people who will come after us.

(or maybe I’ve just been watching too much Touch??)

On Tuesday the Unfolding Hope drive to raise money to free people caught in slavery finishes…. and how easy and convenient it would be to pat myself on the back because I did something for someone else and then go back to living however I want to/choose to without regard for others….

Sometimes it feels ‘too hard’ and ‘too exhausting’ to be intentional all.the.time, sometimes I get ‘compassion fatigue’…. and I can’t say I am intentional all the time (in the morning I’m down right selfish….you don’t want to know me before 8am) but if we profess to ‘love others’ with our mouths then maybe our actions might need to line up with that?

So what I’m asking myself and what I’m asking you is ‘how does my life make a difference in the world?’

I want to live my life generously, and I recognise to my shame I am so selfish – with my time, my finances, even in my friendships… I have a long way to go….. but my heart is open and I am willing to exercise this very short and weak generosity muscle and one day…. one day…. it will be strong.

If you would still like to donate to unfolding hope you can find out more about it

For those who have donated – money, promotion, time, goods for prizes, enthusiasm – my sincere, sincere thank you for helping me take another step on my generosity journey – you inspire me, I consider you my personal trainers.

Miriam x

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